Aluminium Pannier Storage System R1200GS 2013 on Adv. LC 2014 on, 2018 on, R1250GS


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These wall brackets for the original BMW panniers are a great innovation. They are mounted to the wall in the carport, garage or workshop. The lockable cases can then be stored in a space-saving way and without the risk of theft or falling over, they are – as they are on the bike – locked to the bracket with the original key.
The cases thus get their dedicated space and the search for a suitable storage location is over.

Price is for a pair of brackets

Fits ALUMINIUM panniers for:

R1200GS 2013 on, 2017 on
R1200 Adv. LC 2014 on, 2018 on

Brackets are made from Steel and finished / treated with Zinc and Colour.  This is a special finish and modification I made above and beyond other more expensive brands which have a painted finished.  Painted mounts will scratch and if there’s sufficient moisture these scratches will rust.   Zinc and Colour is a special treatment to resist / eliminate corrosion.  The aesthetic finish is a rosey gold effect with subtle multiple colours, similar effect to an overheated titanium exhaust tip.

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R1200 GSA '14-'18, R1250 GSA '18-'21

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